International Cultural Exchange Organization Inc. (ICEO) is a non-profit corporation established to promote mutual understanding between nations through cultural and educational exchanges. ICEO's headquarters is located in Gold River, California from where all international and domestic activities are coordinated. ICEO is designated by the US Department of State to sponsor four J-1 cultural exchange programs:

ICEO also organizes, in collaboration with its overseas partners, exchange programs for American college and university students and young professionals wishing to travel and experience life overseas:






• ICEO is hiring!
posted on 19 Oct 2015

• ICEO joins ECA on #RouteJ1 this Summer!
posted on 11 Aug 2014

• Join ECA On #RouteJ1 this Summer!
posted on 17 Jul 2014

• ICEO's Partner Spotlight: Emakopol from Poland is celebrating 10 year anniversary!
posted on 16 Aug 2013

• Changes to I-94 Form
posted on 17 May 2013


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